Transport is an important consideration and key strategic issue to compete in the global marketplace. All merchandise, regardless of its destination, has to be transported, whether by air, sea, ground, rail or intermodal service, by shipping companies in Canada or abroad.

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Choosing a shipping company should be carefully considered.

Choosing the best possible transport company, mode of transport and route, and complying with document, government, customs, packaging and labelling requirements and standards, are all critical factors that will affect your company’s success and must therefore be carefully considered.

Our team of experts strive to offer a proactive and customized response to all your specific needs, in terms of loading capacity, ground transportation or anything else.

We can transport any kind of cargo meeting industry IATA standards, including for example:


Air Transport

Our role in your air freight transports Air freight transport offers a wide range of possibilities and greater flexibility regarding transport logistics. By teaming up with air carriers and network agents, Caspian Group is able to provide an array of options to respond to all your needs. By its very nature, air transport meets the highest safety standards and is subject to space and weight restrictions. We manage predetermined schedules and routes and comply with regulations on products and product handling. Caspian Group has an in-depth understanding of international shipping restrictions, customs regulations, and other government departments. As a result, the company is able to rise to the challenges facing importers or exporters. Our adaptive approach ensures that we always stay on top of an industry that is constantly changing.

Our role is to be your advocate, to be beside you to assist you in your supply chain. This has allowed us to support you at each step of the shipping process, offer you more opportunities – as well as highly competitive air freight rates – and bring added value to your expertise. From consultation, analysis, planning and negotiation to design, execution and tracking, Caspian Group will provide you with a turnkey air service tailored to your needs, whether for a permanent assignment or a one-time request.

Through its ever-evolving cutting-edge technology, air transport helps meet domestic and international trade requirements. We are constantly innovating to give you the very best solutions. Moreover, we comply with new technologies, such as E-AWB and E-MANIFEST, so that you can enter into and respect your agreements, alliances and contracts.

What solutions do we offer for Air Freight Shipping?

Meet deadlines and customer expectations with fast, reliable air freight services—including same day, airport to airport delivery—at all major hubs around the world.

  • ⦁ Keep your air freight moving consistently with daily departure schedules through our global carrier management program.
  • ⦁ Secure the space and scheduling you need—via cargo or passenger plane—through our carrier relationships.
  • ⦁ Find efficient, cost-effective transportation strategies by working with our dedicated experts who oversee and optimize your entire logistics portfolio.
  • ⦁ International air freight or air cargo
  • ⦁ Express courier – small package shipping (0-100 kg/0-220 lbs)
  • ⦁ Shipment of temperature-sensitive products (perishable goods or goods with a short shelf life, pharmaceutical products, etc.)
  • ⦁ Shipment of products that require special handling (works of art, high-value products, human remains, high technology, personal belongings, hazardous materials)
  • ⦁ Urgent shipments
  • ⦁ Delivery following an equipment failure
  • ⦁ Hand Carry: items accompanied by one of our team members for immediate release upon arrival
  • ⦁ Aircraft charters
  • ⦁ Shipment of stage equipment for exhibitions or performances

Ocean Transport

We’re here to make your global ocean freight move around the world with ease. Optimize your ocean shipping by accessing more capacity and competitive rates through our major ocean shipping alliances.

Caspian Group has developed a privileged relationship with the shipping lines and its suppliers. This allows us to offer you competitive prices. We are the strategic partner of our customers, an active member of their logistics chain. An endless sea of high-quality import and export solutions!

  • Secure capacity even in tight markets, with a leading forwarder of ocean freight from China to the U.S. in the Transpacific Eastbound (TPEB) trade lane.
  • Plan for fluctuating market demand and stay agile. Trust our ocean freight experts who will troubleshoot in real time, across time zones.
  • Reduce your need for multiple providers with our global suite of services—from ocean, air, and customs to surface transportation.
  • Direct expediting (full container load – FCL)
  • Consolidations (partial container load/less than container load – LCL)
  • Multimodal service (land/railroad/sea)
  • Door-to-door service
  • Port-to-port service
  • Specialized shipping service or out of gauge merchandise in FLAT RACK, OPEN TOP and HIGH CUBE containers and tankers
  • Shipment of perishable goods in temperature-controlled containers
  • Shipment of rolling stock (ro-ro)
  • Loading or unloading of containers
  • Validation, preparation and procurement of documents (e.g., freight bill, letter of credit, consular letter, certificate of origin, permit and license, export declaration)
  • Systematic package follow-up and tracking
  • Support and coordination of logistic services
  • Overseas operations support for importers and exporters
  • Proven network of partners and suppliers

Ground Transport

Caspian Group’s trucking department offers personalized, flexible and reliable customer service, thus providing added value to your transport solutions. In order to become your trusted partner, we focus on:

  • A privileged relationship: clear planning and project delivery that meets your expectations
  • Open communication: 24/7 availability, a fast turnaround time, and regular updates and tracking
  • Knowledge sharing: in addition to displaying an in-depth understanding of your business sector, we give you all the information you need to make an informed decision
  • On-time delivery
  • Honest and transparent relations
  • Resolution of potential problems

Our services

Full/partial load: all shipments are a priority for us, regardless of their volume. Our logistics personnel are available 24/7 to provide you with tailor-made solutions. Whether you need a single palette or a full load, our highly qualified team is there for you. Dry, refrigerated and heated transport: our partners have dry trailers as well as heated and refrigerated temperature-controlled equipment to ensure your products are transported under optimal conditions. We have the right solution, whether your products are cold, hot or frozen.

Hazardous materials: unsuitable transport of chemical or hazardous materials can have serious ramifications for your company. Our seasoned logistics coordinators ensure that risks are minimized during the transport of your chemical products and hazardous materials by using qualified suppliers and guiding you through the process. Specialized equipment (platform and lowboy trailers, long-load dollies, detachable gooseneck trailers): our team has the experience needed to ensure the secure and on-time delivery of all over-dimensional loads such as heavy equipment, construction materials or any load requiring a crane.

Over-dimensional loads: the transport of over-dimensional loads calls for sophisticated logistics. Caspian Group’s high-skilled professionals will step right in and see to the planning and specialized transport of your cargo through in-depth industry knowledge and our cutting-edge equipment.

Direct shipment/White glove service: some items require urgent delivery. We are always ready to go the extra mile for you. Direct shipping and white glove service are our specialty. Satellite tracking allows you to monitor your shipment in real time.

Rail Transport

Caspian Group’s intermodal service is a viable transport solution for the supply chain strategy of many companies. Our intermodal division provides competitive, proactive and efficient services that cover all your intermodal transport needs.

Putting our expertise to work for you

Our in-depth knowledge and extensive network give us access to a large fleet of equipment and a wide array of options. We offer a full-load service at both the national and cross-border levels. Whether you require a 53-foot container for dry goods, a high-cube 40-foot container or a 25- to 72-ton boxcar, we can handle the delivery of your merchandise to almost anywhere in North America.

On time and at the best price

We ensure that your deliveries arrive on schedule while providing cost saving. Moreover, we help you meet your goal of reducing your carbon footprint. Caspian Group’s intermodal division specialists go out of their way to ensure that your merchandise is delivered on time, in good condition and at the best price!

Intermodal Shipping

Get more options and control for your supply chain with our intermodal and rail services. We have the experience and resources to complement and continually improve your existing strategy.

Integrated and sustainable door-to-door intermodal freight transport solutions

Several modes of transport are often needed to carry your products from their place of origin to their final destination. The challenge for your business is finding effective and interconnected intermodal freight transport solutions. We provide help with high quality and environmentally friendly transportation solutions.

Supplementing your over the road shipments with intermodal capacity gives your business a whole new set of advantages. Together, our experts, technology, and intermodal solutions will help minimize the impact of seasonal, environmental, regulatory, and industry factors that could negatively impact your bottom line.

Intermodal freight transport services dedicated to serving your operational excellence

All over the world, Caspian Group Intermodal’s teams work with you to come up with the best solution for your business and help you to achieve operational excellence.

  • A single point of contact, with Intermodal expert teams all over the world,
  • Bespoke solutions to meet all your needs,
  • Facilities available on all continents,
  • Door-to-door or inland depot service, depending on your needs,
  • Priority treatment of your cargos.


Cross-continent shipments traveling via rail demand specialized customs brokerage, warehousing, cross docking, drop trailers, and distribution support. We’ll integrate the exact cross-border services you need into a single intermodal solution.

53' Drayage

Reduce your costs and maximize simplicity with a single provider. Bundle our marine drayage, trans load, intermodal rail, domestic consolidation, and warehousing solutions into a cohesive cross dock solution—available across major markets in the United States.

Expedited Freight Services

Add flexibility to your supply chain strategy. As an alternative to single driver over the road (OTR) transit, expedited intermodal solutions provide competitive delivery speeds for your time-sensitive shipments.

Your most time-sensitive freight needs to arrive on time and in full. With access to the largest network of reliable expedited shipping capacity in North America, our truck brokerage experts leverage core carrier relationships based on your freight’s needs—so your products arrive safely

  • Access trucks when and where you need them, with our network of contract carriers.
  • Trust our reliable, vetted contract carriers to expedite your freight shipments safely and on time.
  • Get dedicated service from our staff of expedited transportation experts—helping manage your time-sensitive freight.


Based on your weekly freight mix, our truck broker experts will leverage North America’s largest consolidation services footprint to improve your performance. Get reliable on time in full delivery with fewer claims and less damage—our scale and services are your advantage.

Consolidation Solutions

the efficiency of your smaller shipments takes a combination of expertise, technology, and sophisticated analytics. Every day, our technology saves time and reduces costs by identifying and combining freight from multiple shippers that are moving in similar lanes.

Freight Consolidation

Whether you’re moving dry or temperature-controlled goods, let us handle the logistics of combining your less than truckload (LTL) and less than container load (LCL) freight into full shipments—you’ll enjoy reliable, on time in full delivery via air, ocean, or truck.

Temperature Controlled Shipping Services

Your sensitive freight needs the utmost care to preserve its quality. With access to the largest network of reliable temperature-controlled capacity in North America, our experts leverage core carrier relationships based on your commodities—so your products arrive safely, on time in full.

  • Access trucks when and where you need them, with our network of 21,000+ temp controlled contract carriers.
  • Trust our reliable contract carriers to have experience across products and temperatures—each one is Sanitary Transportation of Food (STF) compliant.
  • Get dedicated service from our staff of 8,000 experienced, certified experts—helping manage your sensitive freight.

Refrigerated Truckload

Discover greater reliability for your perishable products with our extensive network of contract carriers with temperature-controlled trucks.

Temperature Controlled Truckload

Reliable, available capacity is critical for your sensitive cold chain. With numerous temperature-controlled contract carriers in our network, we’ve got you covered in any market. Based on your weekly freight mix, our experts will leverage North America's large consolidation services footprint to improve your performance. Get reliable on time in full delivery at the temperatures you need for fewer claims and less damage—our scale and services are your advantage.

Refrigerated LTL

Your less than truckload (LTL) shipments demand speed, safety, and the best possible pricing. Our experts optimize your refrigerated capacity options and create custom solutions to save you time and costs.

Parcel Freight Services

Demand for small parcel and consumer expectations are higher than ever, so your business needs a provider that can improve your efficiency without sacrificing budget. Let our vast network and leading supply chain technology work to your advantage.

Parcels that weigh 100 pounds or less are becoming a high-volume, increasingly complex part of many supply chains. With dozens of service-level options, small parcel dimensions and weight factors, and countless other variables, reliable capacity and data visibility are the keys to success.

  • your on-time shipping performance with our data driven contract management and request for proposal (RFP) management insights.
  • information gives you a more efficient supply chain.
  • your parcel supply chain’s effectiveness with a single provider—access a team of experts backed by delivery, cost, performance reporting, and technology.